Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Netcoins & Flexepin: Buy Bitcoin at 7,000 stores in Canada & Australia

7,000 stores & counting! Canadian & Australian customers are now able to buy Bitcoin at thousands of stores with Netcoins now accepting Flexepin. 

Flex-e-pin vouchers are sold at a variety of retailers; these are usually sold as part of a suite of pre-paid voucher products (tell the cashier that you want to buy a Flexepin pre-paid voucher). The voucher is delivered as a paper receipt with a pin code that can then be redeemed into Bitcoins on Netcoins' website: 

In Canada, Flexepins are sold at all Esso Gas Stations, Canadian Tire+ Gas Stations, as well as a variety of convenience stores including Hasty Market and many Gateway Newstand locations. 

To find a location near you, please see below: 


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